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Sewing Machine Operator

Are you tired of dead end jobs in the fast food industry?

Are tired of standing behind a counter on a concrete floor all day?

Are you tired of being disrespected by rude customers?

Its time for a change!

SC Defense Group is looking for sewing machine operators.

The responsibilities will include:

The sewing of military and police clothing and equipment. We use nothing but the finest fabrics and materials. Our work place is modern, well lit and very clean. The management team is pleasant and respectful. Our jobs are typically short runs as we specialize in gear for special teams and research and development projects.

Sewing enthusiasts please note that due to our research and development work for the military it has not been uncommon for our sewing machine operators to work with fabrics years before they hit the commercial market!

What this means for you is that we do not have long, boring sweat shop style jobs where you are stuck like a mindless drone doing the same thing day in and day out. We have variety! Lots of variety!

Skills required:

Great opportunity for advancement!

This a position with a fast growing company in the Tactical Defense manufacturing world and as such can be challenging, & rewarding. For those willing to learn there is excellent opportunity for wage growth and advancement.

Salary is commensurate with experience and competitive for the Edmonton area.

Apply in writing to:
SC Defense Group Ltd.
Brian Kroon
4915-68th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 3S4

Or e-mail

*Please Note that SC Defense Group has a dress code for all employees, due to the high interaction with the military and law enforcement market.

The Fine Print:

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