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Squeeze-Me Liner

The Squeeze-Me in Classic Black

K.I.S.S. An acronym that all military personnel should be familiar with. For those who are not, it means “Keep it simple, stupid!” Simplicity more often than not is synonymous with reliability.

Our Lamilite filled Squeeze-Me Liner is the epitome of the K.I.S.S. principal. It does three things, and only three things, very well.

It keeps you warm. Very warm.
It squeezes down, small. Very small.
It is easy to clean. Very easy to clean.

These three features are important to anyone that spends any time outside. The first, warmth, is obviously important. If you get cold you’re uncomfortable, and miserable. If you get really cold you can go hypothermic. Not good.

Squeezability, if such a word exists, is important so that you can pack your parka with you. If a parka is difficult and cumbersome to pack, you’ll have a tendency to leave it behind.

A very good view of the shock-corded waist adjustment.

It doesn’t matter how warm a parka keeps you, if you don’t have it along when you need it most. The Squeeze-Me . . . squeezes!

Easy maintenance. No one, I have ever met, likes doing laundry. They just want to get it done and go on to something more pleasurable. Wash the Squeeze-Me at home, in your machine, with laundry soap.

The Drop Zone Squeeze-Me Liner is filled with L6 Lamilite®. Lamilite insulation is famous for it’s down like softness, it’s durability, it’s moisture resistance, and it’s laundrability. A perfect insulation for an outdoor garment designed to perform under rigorous conditions.

We hired this dude to model the MultiCam Squeeze-Me for us. You'd think he'd be happy about the work, but he is not. You see, the photographer just told him he has to give it back after the photoshoot!

We designed the Drop Zone Squeeze-Me Liner to be used as a high loft, high efficiency liner under shell garments.

To make the most of the high compressibility of the Lamilite insulation we used a light duty 70d nylon shell fabric that is soft and very breathable. The advantage to this shell fabric is that it allows the Squeeze-Me to be stuffed into small places. The high breathability allows excess body moisture to escape without chilling. The Squeeze-Me is purposely designed without superfluous features that would add to the bulk and hurt compressibility. Even the collar is low, reducing bulk and allowing the wearer to control ventilation through the use of neck gaiters or headovers.

Attention to simple function details such as the low collar serve to remind us of how good our designers really are!

Pockets? Just two hand warmer pockets are provided. Any other style of pocket would compromise compressibility.

Note the hook & loop in conjunction with internal mil-spec elastic at the cuff.

The main zip is an ultra beefy #10 toothed two way. This zipper affords ventilation options without risking durability.

We hate zipper warranty claims.

Unlike many other garments, our cuffs do not use rib knit. Instead our designers use a hook and pile closure, again allowing more venting options as well as fit options. The hook and pile cuffs do not soak up water the way most rib knit cuffs do.

Leaving no detail untouched, our designers worked their magic on the Squeeze-Me’s hem. This time replacing the usual rib knit with a cord locked, shock cord. The combination of shock cord and a cord lock allows the wearer to adjust the tension of the hem to suit his or her requirements.

Squeeze out the cold with the ultimate in cold weather jacket liners, the Drop Zone Squeeze-Me Liner. Now available in Olive Green or Swat Black.

This is a photo of a size medium Squeeze-Me in a stuff sack. Note that it can be compressed shorter than a 1 quart GI Canteen. No excuses for not keeping your warm liner with you now, is there?

As per usual S.O.P. at Drop Zone no wimpy zips to be found. The Squeeze Me is fitted with a #10 YKK main zipper. This insures the owner years of trouble free usage.

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* XX Refers to the size code. Small is 02, Medium is 03, Large is 04, Extra Large is 05, and XX-Large is 06.

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